Zoey is a friendly female bunny who is looking for a new home. Her current family won her at a carnival last September when she was a tiny baby. They report Zoey is a snuggly girl and will cuddle with you when you hold her, even putting her head under your chin. When she’s out to play, she’ll come over to you and put her paws on you. She loves to binky and run in figure 8s, then flop on her side to rest. She eats well and enjoys her hay better than her current pellets. She’s had a few greens and seems to love them. She has a litter box in her cage and uses it well. Zoey has lived the last 6 months in a cage that she has outgrown, so she would love an exercise pen to stretch out in. She isn’t spayed yet, but that can be arranged if she is adopted through MoHRS-KC for $85 following an approved adoption application and home visit. If she is adopted straight from her current family the highly recommended spay cost and surgery arrangement would be up to the new family. If you’d like to meet Zoey, please contact Missouri House Rabbit Society-KC.
  • Adoptable Rabbit
  • Female Rabbit
HRSMissouriZoey (Adoption Pending)