Kip & Olivia

Kip is the all white male bunny and Olivia is the black and white female. These 2 are part of the large barn bunny rescue. They have been spayed & neutered and ready to go to their forever home. They are a bonded pair and will be adopted together. They are young, around 3-4 months old so they will get bigger. They like to throw some wild parties some nights and totally rearrange their pen.  Olivia can be a bit of a food hog and will steal treats from Kip to eat for herself.  She’s the more shy of the pair, but likes to be petted and always comes out to see if you have anything yummy for her.  Kip is extra curious and always wants to know what you are doing.  He’ll forgo his salad to come supervise litter box cleaning and he like to “help” by eating the bag, scooper or your shoe.  He loves it when you pet him and will jump up on your leg to request more pets if you stop. If you are interested in adopting this young adorable pair please contact MoHRS of KC.

  • Adoptable Rabbit
  • Bonded Pair
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