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Help our mission of saving rabbits in need

The Missouri House Rabbit Society is an all volunteer, non-profit rabbit rescue organization who relies on community support to continue our important work.

There are many ways you can help the work of the MOHRS.
Learn how to become involved or make a donation to our cause below.


How You Can Help

The MOHRS depends on volunteers to help our work saving rabbits! Below are just a few of the ways you can get involved. If you are interested in donating some time or talent to our cause, please contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

  • Donate

    Monetary donations are one of the most immediate ways you can help the MOHRS. Donations help us buy food to feed our rabbits, supply for their housing and help us pay for their medical care. Being an all volunteer rescue we are able to keep our operating expenses down to a minimum, meaning that 100% of the donations we receive go directly to the rabbits in our care! When you give to the MOHRS your donation directly impacts the life of a bunny in the most positive of ways! To donate to the Missouri House Rabbit Society, click our PayPal link below or visit or donate page for more information. Remember, no amount is too small! Even a donation of $5 can give a bunny something to be “hoppy” for!

  • Foster a Rabbit

    One of the most significant ways you can help the MOHRS is by fostering one of our rescue rabbits. In fact, our ability to rescue is dependent on those volunteers generous enough to open their hearts and homes to bunnies in need. Since the MOHRS doesn’t have a shelter, it is only through our foster home network that we can continue our rescue work. By offering to care for a rabbit while they await adoption you literally save a life! Because foster bunnies are still the responsibility of the MOHRS, we continue to cover many of the costs associated with their care including approved vet visits and help with pens, bedding and hay.

  • Cleanup Crew

    Perhaps fostering a rabbit is too big a commitment for you to take on right now, or maybe your housing situation wouldn’t be suitable for a rabbit. If so, there are still ways to help and involve yourself! Consider offering a helping hand at one of our foster homes! This can be a great way to gain rabbit experience and help those volunteers who have taken on the job of caring for one of our bunnies while they wait for adoption. You can help a foster home in numerous ways from giving a hand cleaning a rabbit room, to running an errand and picking up supplies, or perhaps providing a bunny a ride to the vet. It takes a team to make the MOHRS successful and every bit of help offered makes a difference!

  • Volunteer at Events

    The Missouri House Rabbit Society participates in several different events each year and we are always looking for help and extra hands! Whether it’s keeping an eye on our bunnies, handing out our information or helping drive supplies to and from an event, there is always a job that needs filling! By volunteering you allow us to make these events possible and help the MOHRS reach and educate the community, make the very best impression, and help us attract both adopters and supporters. These events our one of the best ways we can introduce ourselves to our neighbors and the more volunteers we have, the more successful they can be!

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Did You Know

Rabbits are the 3rd most abandoned pet

Domestic rabbits are the 3rd most popular pet in the United States, falling just behind dogs and cats? Sadly, it is this popularity which also makes them the 3rd most abandoned pet country.

Everyday pet rabbits are surrendered or abandoned in the Kansas City area. The MOHRS aims to save as many as possible but how many we can rescue is directly related to the help and donations we receive.

The MOHRS is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501c3 organization. Our mission to help house rabbits in need depends on you! Please consider donating or volunteering to help our cause.

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