The MOHRS is committed to providing information about proper rabbit care, diet and behavior

  • Trusted Information

    Our rescue volunteers have years of experience caring for rabbits and the benefit of networking and consulting with other knowledgable HRS chapters across the country.

  • Online Resources

    The MOHRS has an online library of rabbit related information for you to browse. From diet recommendations to common rabbit illnesses, we have information to help you take great care of your rabbit.

  • Bunny Briefings

    The MOHRS holds monthly Bunny Briefing meetings where bunny enthusiasts and owners meet to ask and share information, meet our adoptable rabbits or get a much needed nail trim for their bunny.

Check out our rabbit care information

Other services offered by the Missouri House Rabbit Society

The MOHRS is committed to rabbit rescue, welfare and advocacy. Below are some of the services we offer in the name of fulfilling our mission.

Bunny Sitting

If you are looking for an experienced rabbit caretaker to watch your fur baby while you are away the MOHRS can help!


Whether you're considering adopting a rabbit or are a rabbit owner looking for care advice, our Rabbit Care section has the information you need.

Rabbit Rescue

The Missouri HRS rescues rabbits facing "death row" in area shelters and gives them a second chance at life. Learn more about our rescue work.


The Missouri House Rabbit Society is pleased to offer some of the best 2nd and 3rd cutting timothy hay we’ve ever seen.


Looking to bring a bunny into your home? The MOHRS has adorable, spayed & neutered rescue rabbits just waiting for adoption!

Bunny Briefings

The MOHRS holds monthly meetings for both rabbits and their humans! Join us to learn, mingle or get a bunny nail trim!