Sunny’s previous owners bought her at a petting zoo not knowing the responsibility they were taking on. She is just about 1 year old and was spayed in January 2017 by Dr. Exline at KCVC. She is a big girl, possibly a flemish giant mix. Sunny is very curious, yet cautious. She likes attention but is easily spooked by sudden movements and strange noises, although she comes back right away. She loves to be petted on the nose but is not a fan of being held (or captured). Her foster mom has been able to catch her with a blanket, and notes she is easy to hold after being caught. She is very insistent about being given a treat at the end of the day, and receives 1 raisin (which she thinks is a joke) at night. She makes her foster mom laugh with her antics!  She is extremely playful and very interested in other rabbits. It is possible she might bond with the right bunny.  Sunny definitely loves people. She loves to explore and chew up toys. If you’d like to adopt Sunny please contact the Missouri House Rabbit Society in Kansas City.
  • Adoptable Rabbit
  • Flemish Giant Mix
  • Spayed Female Rabbit