Charlotte & Orzo

Charlotte is a lovely gray and white Dutch bunny with a very sweet personality!  She loves to be petted and held.  She has excellent litter skills. She is spayed and healthy.  Her coat is so soft, almost a satin. She loves to greet people when they come to her.  Orzo is a beautiful Lop with a gorgeous coat!  He came from a shelter where he was scheduled to be euthanized.  He was also very cranky and did not want anyone to touch him.  We assume he was abused.  Since he has been with us, Orzo has really flourished!  He has come out of his shell and has bonded with Charlotte!  We are all so excited for them both!  Orzo is still a little fearful at times, but with consistent love and patience, he will learn to trust more and more.  For this pair, we feel that they would do best in a home without children.  If you are interested in adopting Orzo and Charlotte please contact the Missouri House Rabbit Society of Kansas City.

  • Adoptable Rabbit
  • Dutch Rabbit
  • Bonded Pair
  • Lop Rabbit
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