The Estimated Costs of Owning a Rabbit

Adoption Fee $85.00 per rabbit
This covers the cost of spaying and neutering. Spaying or neutering pet rabbits not only keeps them healthy longer, but also helps prevent such troubling behaviors as urine spraying and aggression. Experienced rabbit veterinarians in the metro area usually charge anywhere from $150 to $500.

Veterinarian Visits $100.00 approximately
We recommend you take your rabbit to the veterinarian for a wellness check once every six months. Prices may vary fro $30.00 – $50.00 for a check up with fecal check to higher prices if bunny needs a molar trim, medicine, etc..

Pen $30.00 up to $100.00
(we recommend a pen, rather than a cage, please speak with a Missouri House Rabbit volunteer, we can offer suggestions on saving money)

Litter Box $1.99 up to $9.99
Depending on size of litter box. You do not want to get a litter box that is too small for bunny, and even small bunnies like larger litter boxes which also makes litter training easier and leaves room for fresh hay.

Water Crocks $2.50 up to $5.00 ea.
(we recommend a crock, rather than a water bottle, please speak with a Missouri House Rabbit volunteer, we can give you businesses that sell crocks inexpensively.)

Food Crocks $2.50 up to $5.00 ea.
(please speak with a Missouri House Rabbit volunteer, we can give you businesses that sell crocks inexpensively.)

Treat/Veggie/Salad plate $.99 up to $2.99
This is an optional expenses, many discount stores sell very inexpensive plates which you can serve bunny their “dinner” on.

Throw Rugs $4.00 up to $11.00
These are great for placing in bunny’s pen to cover floors or give the bunny a “non slippery” place to be. They’re also great for putting under food and water crocks and they’re easily washed and reused. We recommend 100% cotton rugs, with no rubber backing.

Toys $1.99 up to $ 15.99 ea.
You can purchase hard plastic toys from Petsmart, or a children’s consignment shop, you can also purchase bunny toys online. Hard plastic toys and some wood toys for parrots work well. (Ask a Missouri House Rabbit volunteer for the web site addresses for bunny related toys.)

Bunny Proofing $10.00 up to $45.00 approximately
You can purchase the needed supplies at most local hardware stores to properly bunny proof your home. Cardboard concrete forms and plastic tubing can be very inexpensive. (Speak with a Missouri House Rabbit volunteer for how to properly bunny proof your home.)

Cardboard Boxes Free
These are great play areas for bunny. Find one large enough to cut doorways and watch bunny run in and out. Use for naps, hiding spots, etc… They’re also great for chewing and digging and helping with bunny proofing.

Pellets $4.99 up to $10.99 per bag
Be sure to purchase a quality pellet. (For a suggested list of quality pellets, please talk with one of the Missouri House Rabbit volunteers.)

Hay $10.00 to $65.00 – The Missouri House Rabbit Society sells KMS Hayloft hay in larger quantities at our monthly Bunny Briefings! See our products page for more details. Some local pet stores sell small amounts of timothy hay, but generally the quality is very poor. Remember, your bunny should be fed unlimited amounts of Timothy hay; a good rule of thumb is that a bunny ahould eat the equivalent of their body size in hay daily. So, if a bunny is the size of a football, they should eat a football-sized amount of hay each day.

Veggies & Fresh Fruit $10.00 up to $20 per week
This depends on how many bunnies you have. Please talk with a Missouri House Rabbit Volunteer for a suggested veggie and salad listing.

Nail Clippers $5.00
You can purchase “nippy cutters” from Radio Shack. They aren’t listed as nail clippers but they do a great job, and don’t forget to get “Kwik Stop” at the pet store in case you cut too short and make the nail bleed.

Litter $7.99 up to $19.99
We recommend the following for litter

  • Feline Pine $7.99 up to $9.99 depending on store for a 30 lb. bag
  • Yesterday’s news $7.99 up to $9.99 depending on store for a 30lb. bag
  • CareFresh $5.99 up to $19.99 depending on store and for size of bag.
  • Critter Litter – from American Pet Diner $10.99 for a 15 lb. of soft litter and $14.99 for a 30lb. bag
  • Good Mews Litter
  • Some types of horse bedding can also be used

No matter what you use remember to always use “dust free” litter as litter with dust can cause respitory problems.

Pooper Scooper $3.99
We recommend you purchase the dust pan with brush combo, these can be purchased at most grocery stores.

White Vinegar $.99 up to $2.99 depending on size of bottle
Used for urine accidents and cleaning litterbox.

Newspapers Free
Most people subscribe to their local newspapers, after you have read them, let bunny tear them up or they can be used in a litterbox.

MOBUNThe Estimated Costs of Owning a Rabbit

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