Rabbit Proofing a Room

Before you allow your rabbit access to run and play in a room inside, you need to do some preparation to make sure the bunny is safe and your room, furniture, electronics, etc. are protected. You will have three goals you want to achieve: 1. Providing a safe area for your bunny companion to exercise

How Does a Bunny Cool Off?

Rabbits don’t pant like dogs. They don’t sweat like humans. A rabbit loses most of their body heat through their ears. If you have a bunny that is hot or overheated, it’s best to get a cool washcloth and gently wipe his ears If your rabbit is severely overheated, GET TO YOUR VETERINARIAN IMMEDIATELY so

Emergency Preparedness and Pets

I hurried home from work to try to beat the dark rain clouds that were heading in my direction. I had many things I needed to do, and wanted to feed all the bunnies and guinea pigs their night time salads before starting on my projects. As I headed to the refrigerator for their leaf

Is Outdoor Playtime Safe?

Karen from Ohio posted a question online the other day. She has a rabbit who, thankfully, is housed inside, but wondered if it was OK for her rabbit to have some outdoor visits. Karen wondered if she should use a harness and just walk her bunny around, or if she should allow her bunny to