Walter Dakota and Lola

Walter Dakota, a black and white Holland Lop, was rescued from a horrible home where he was routinely picked up by his ears by small children (OUCH!!!) and also severely neglected. He was literally skin stretched over bones at the time of his rescue, and was wary of most humans because of the way he’d been treated. He is in much better shape now, and doesn’t mind most humans, although we recommend he not be in a home with small children.
He is about 3 years old, and is a special needs rabbit. He had to have several teeth removed and some abscesses on his jaw. His teeth will need to be monitored closely throughout his life. However, he has a great veterinarian who takes wonderful care of him, as does his foster mom. Lola was dumped in a neighborhood where Walter Dakota’s foster mom lives. She was running loose for months before someone caught her and Lola and Walter became best friends. She is very sweet, surprisingly so since she’s certainly had a rough life and those who were supposed to care for her dumped her like trash to fend for herself outside. Now she’s safe and both bunnies are looking for someone to sponsor them so they can stay in their current home.

**Special Needs Bunnies. Sponsorship to help cover medical costs will be best for these sweet bunnies instead of adoption. If you are willing to help these sweeties by sponsoring them please contact the Missouri House Rabbit Society of Kansas City.

  • Adoptable Special Needs Pair
HRSMissouriWalter Dakota and Lola