Truffles & Pickles

Truffles (3-yr-old male mini lop) and Pickles (2-yr-old female dutch) are looking for a new family. Truffles was part of our foster care system last summer and bonded with his wonderful partner, Pickles, in his new adopted home. Due to an emergency life change in that home, the bunnies were brought to Wayside Waifs, and then to MoHRS. They were unfortunately separated at Wayside for over a week, but now they are back together and very happy! Bonded bunnies don’t do well when separated, so we are giving them stability, lots of affection and routine together.
Truffles and Pickles do very well when playing out of their pen– neither is a big chewer and they love to run and explore. Truffles enjoys picking up toys and tossing them, even rolling a ball occasionally. Pickles will communicate by thumping her foot when she needs something. She is the more outgoing one, though both are friendly and show no aggression. They tolerate being held, but prefer to be petted–a lot! They love petting and will settle in for long sessions once they get to know you.
Their previous owner says they enjoy frozen veggies and fruit as a treat, and we have found they are great hay eaters. They are good with dogs and cats and older kids, though we think they’d be good with younger kids as long as they aren’t picked up without supervision.
If you can provide a stable, loving home for these sweet bunnies with room to run and play, please contact us at Missouri House Rabbit Society of Kansas City.
  • Adoptable Rabbit
  • Mini Lop Rabbit
  • Dutch Rabbit
  • Bonded Pair
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