Thumper is a very friendly male of unknown age who loves to play with adults and kids. He was found outside an apartment complex recently and his rescuer is unable to keep him very long. He has shown no aggression and no fear of cats or dogs. He enjoys playing with his toys by throwing them around or shredding paper toys. When allowed out, he explores the room and will even approach the cats and dogs to check them out. He gets excited to be let out of his temporary cage and loves attention. So far his favorite food is his hay and a treat of carrot. Thumper doesn’t mind being picked up as long as he has his back feet supported and then he will snuggle. He shows signs of being litter box trained, though he currently lives in a cage without one. Thumper will need to be neutered. If you are interested in meeting this outgoing boy, please contact Missouri House Rabbit Society-KC.

  • Adoptable Rabbit
  • Male Rabbit