Smokey is a beautiful 2-yr-old male gray Rex with a super velvety coat! He was rescued by a young woman who saw he was neglected in a small cage. He’s thrilled to be out of that cage to stretch and explore in his new pen. He’s even been introduced to a litter box with great success so far! Smokey’s rescuer describes him as very lovable, curious, and ready for entertainment. He enjoys having his plush forehead and ears petted. He loves his hay, which he had never had regularly before. Because he has been moved to several homes in his life, he’s a bit shy at first, but he’s quick to gain trust of someone loving. Smokey will need to be neutered and that procedure will be scheduled and paid for by Missouri House Rabbit Society-KC if adopted through us. If you wish to adopt straight from his rescuer, there will be a small rehoming fee and you would need to arrange the highly recommended neutering with a reputable vet. Please contact us at Missouri House Rabbit Society-KC if you are interested in meeting this adorable guy!

  • Adoptable Rabbit
  • Rex Rabbit
  • Male Rabbit