Pheonix & Axel

Pheonix and Axel are both Holland Lops, and both are about around a year old, maybe a little older, so they are a little bigger now.  These two boys have been together since they were little.  They may even be brothers, but we are not sure.  They were both neutered last fall, but they decided they still wanted to be together, so they remain a pair.  Pheonix is the tan colored bun and Axel is the brown and white one.  They are very active and fun to watch and play with. They are hilarious! They love to tear up cardboard and chew, dig, run around and play with their toys.  They love chewing willow sticks or willow toys.  It’s so good for their teeth.  Of course, they love their treats, and their hay and veggies.   If you want an active pair, you will want to meet these two.  If you are interested in meeting Pheonix & Axel please contact the Missouri House Rabbit Society of Kansas City.

  • Adoptable Rabbit
  • Holland Lop Rabbits
  • Neutered Male Rabbits
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