Penny & Pippin

Penny (grey & white dutch) and Pippin (grey Netherland dwarf) are a sweet, bonded pair needing a calm, quiet forever home. They are both super curious and love exploring. Pippin is a little more adventurous than Penny and will crawl or climb on anything and everything. He loves hopping around on the sofa and climbing on top of boxes to get a better view. Pippin likes to be close to people but doesn’t have time to stop running around for pets. Penny is a little more laid back, but loves to be pet. She loves shredding paper and tossing around toys. They have good litter habits. This sweet bonded pair need to have a quiet home due to loud noises stressing Penny. If you’d like to meet this charming pair, please contact the Missouri House Rabbit Society of Kansas City.

  • Adoptable Rabbit
  • Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
  • Dutch Rabbit
  • Bonded pair
JenPenny & Pippin