This is Macy!  She is one of the bunnies that we rescued from the barn burrow this summer.  She is such a sweet fun bunny!  She is very healthy now and spayed and ready for her forever home!  She loves to be petted and it always very submissive when you want to pet her.  She seems very curious about other bunnies, so I can see her being a good companion for a neutered male bunny.  She is very clean and has good litter habits.  She likes to chew her willow chew toys.  She does not eat a lot of treats as it can upset her tummy, but she loves her hay and pellets and light salads.  When Macy has a chance to run around the house, she is very fast!  She loves to binky and jump around!  If you would like to meet Macy, please contact the Missouri House Rabbit Society of Kansas City.

  • Adoptable Rabbit
  • Spayed Female Rabbit