Lovey & Snow

Lovey (black) and Snow (white) are a bonded pair of girls from the large barn bunny rescue. They are both spayed and looking for their forever home. They are around 3-4 months old and will get bigger. Snow is a little shy and very sweet.  She has wonderful long, soft fur that she doesn’t mind you petting briefly, but she doesn’t really like being picked up. She’s curious and will come right up to you looking for treats. Lovey is the personality in this pair. She’s an explorer and loves to get out and roam around and spends little time sitting still when she can be causing trouble.  She’s very interested in people and everything they are doing and will jump up on they highest point she can find next to you so that she can stand up and sniff you while you try to get things done.  She will push open doors and grab the door to her pen in her teeth and yank, so she’ll need a secure enclosure.  If you leave a room and push the door semi shut behind you, she’ll jump up on it and push it open to come with you. If you are interested in this cute, adventurous pair please contact MoHRS of KC.

  • Adoptable Rabbit
  • Bonded pair
  • Spayed Female Rabbits
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