Karma, Petunia, & George

George, the lop-eared bunny, is an approximately five-year-old sweet and curious boy. After his first mate died, he was introduced to mother and daughter Karma and Petunia, and it was love at first sight. While George loves to be pet, he does not like to be held or restrained.

Karma and Petunia are large bunnies who were rescued from a deplorable outdoor situation, but despite their beginnings these girls are extremely social and friendly and love to run and play. They also don’t mind being held for short periods. Petunia, who has white fur around her mouth that looks like teeth, is especially funny.

This trio would love to join a very special family. They are all approximately four or five years old, and Karma and George have some allergies. They all are very affectionate and would be a great addition to a loving home!

  • Adoptable Rabbit
  • Bonded
MOBUNKarma, Petunia, & George (Sanctuary Rabbits)