Domino & Snowball

Domino is a male rabbit that was dumped out in the cold and was rescued by a family that is unable to keep him. He is neutered. He is very sweet, will snuggle on your lap but doesn’t like to be held just like most rabbits. He loves to play with toys, is very curious and loves to be petted. He is good around dogs under supervision. He loves to be around people and will run up to the pen for attention when you walk near him. Snowball (all white female) was most likely another pet store purchase at Easter as she was found abandoned outside a couple months after Easter.  She is very energetic, LOVES attention and loves being held and petted… will put her head on your shoulder and calmly lay there while you pet her.  She has a great temperament and she makes a great companion for Domino.  When they met, it was almost love at first sight!  They bonded right away! Snowball is was spayed on July 18th and she will need about a week to recover, and then this couple will be ready for adoption. If you are interested in Domino & Snowball please contact the Missouri House Rabbit Society of Kansas City.

  • Adoptable Rabbit
  • Bonded Pair Rabbits
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