Christopher, CiCi and Cheyenne

These beautiful sweet bunnies were a favorite of a kind lady living in Pleasant Hill, MO until she became ill with cancer and died. Sadly, her adult children put them in an abandoned horse barn with no light and very little food and water. They were forced to live on 2-3 feet of soiled hay. It is amazing they survived. Scheduled to be killed by the attorney trying to settle her estate, a good samaritan stepped in to save them. This trio is very tightly bonded and are siblings, three years old. Christopher (white) is super friendly and loves to interact with humans. Cheyenne and CiCi are more shy but are very sweet once they gain your trust. With the right person, these bunnies could blossom in to super loving companions. The adoption fee for the trio will be the same as for a pair. If you are interested please contact the MO House Rabbit Society.

  • Adoptable Rabbit
  • Bonded Trio
MOBUNChristopher, CiCi and Cheyenne (Sanctuary Rabbits)