Buddy and Holly

This is Buddy and Holly! Holly is a beautiful 4 year old female bunny that loves people. She recently has connected with Buddy, a little Dutch bunny about 1 ½ years old. Holly LOVES to be petted and she won’t let you stop. She does not care to be picked up or held on your lap. She feels safer to just have you on the floor with her or let her come up to you. Holly has PERFECT litter habits. Holly is a chewer, so you need to have the area bunny proofed where she exercises. Holly and Buddy are both bunnies that you can have a very loving relationship with. Buddy is SO SWEET, you can pick him up and hold him! Buddy is still working on his litter habits, but Holly does not mind. Buddy just got neutered at the end of January, 2016. This pair might seem like the ODD COUPLE since Holly is much larger than Buddy, but they love each other and are soooo sweet together! We believe Buddy and Holly will do much better in a home without young children. If you are interested in Buddy & Holly, please contact the Missouri House Rabbit Society in Kansas City.

  • Adoptable Rabbits
  • bonded pair
  • Dutch bunny
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