Astro & Georgie

Astro & Georgie are a bonded brother/sister pair. They are super sweet and friendly as well as being beautiful Harlequin bunnies. They love to run and play with toys and interact with each other and their humans. They are curious and enjoy exploring. They have been in homes with children and do great with them – in fact Georgie like to toss toys with kids. These bunnies have been in 2 homes where family members had allergic reactions to their fur and shedding so they need to be in a home where all residents are allergy free. If you would like to add these sweet and friendly bunnies to your household please contact the Missouri House Rabbit Society of Kansas City.

  • Adoptable Rabbit
  • Bonded Pair
  • Harlequin Rabbits
HRSMissouriAstro & Georgie