Anna is a very special Holland lop bunny.  She is Elsa’s sister. These bunnies recently decided they do not want to live together. THEY WILL BE ADOPTED OUT SEPARATELY. Anna is about 2 years old. Anna only has 3 legs due to an accident that happened when she was young. Her leg had to be amputated, but today she gets around just fine, and sometimes, you don’t even know she’s missing a leg!   Anna is litter trained, and likes to dig in her litter, so it is not a good idea to use litter pellets for Anna. If you use newspaper in the litter box with lots of hay on top, she usually won’t mess with it. Both Anna and Elsa were a little thin when rescued, but they have been filling out and gaining some weight. Anna is a little skiddish when you pick her up, but once you are holding her, she is fine. Anna will feel more comfortable in time once she gets to know you. We think the perfect home would be one that does not have young children. If you are interested in meeting Anna, please contact the Missouri House Rabbit Society in Kansas City.

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