Orphaned Cottontail Care

The first thing to realize with handling any wild rabbit is that stress can kill. Rabbits can leak toxins into their system from fear, pain, and stress causing Septicemia. This has a very high mortality rate. Even babies with their eyes closed can suffer from stress. !If placed in a box, the box must be


Cottontails: When To Rescue

Recognizing a Cottontail In Need There are some basic things to know about cottontails. Rabbit mothers only visit their nests twice a day; usually around dawn and dusk. She is only at the nest for about 10 – 15 minutes so watching for mom is nearly impossible. She will nibble at grass as she approaches the


Giving Up Your Rabbit

Unfortunately, because of the number of unwanted rabbits in the Kansas City area we are unable to take owner surrendered rabbits. What we can offer is the following information, which offers solutions to some common problems people experience with their bunny as well as suggestions for those rehoming their rabbit.


Rescue Information

What to do if you’ve found a rabbit. If you have recently found or rescued a domestic rabbit, it is likely the bunny is stressed. A stressed bunny will appreciate a quiet space, a cage or pen of its own is best, from which to observe you and your household. As prey animals, rabbits prefer not to be picked up, since they feel